Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Rig Update!

Marv is getting into the holiday spirit with this new outfit.  If you've already purchased my Body Mech rig mega-pack, download the update now for free!    (That last link just takes you to your Gumroad library to get the update, so if you're looking to purchase the 12 Rig MegaPack and get all the free updates, click the image below:)

To get Marv all dressed up like the image above, follow these simple steps:
  • Open the Marv rig and head to Marv's main shader (either by opening the hypershade or by making the geometry selectable and then right-click > material properties).
  • Map the santa_color_1k.jpg texture to the Color channel.
  • Select the placement or global control and scroll down in the channel box until you find the slider for Santa Clothes.  Turn that on and you'll get the new geometry plus controls to shape the hat and beard.
  • Animate something fun!

Also, enjoy this very nice Ballerina test by Matthew Roe using the Tina rig:

Ballerina Animation from Matthew Roe on Vimeo.

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