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**Update 10/4/ 2014:  The BodyMech Rigs have been updated with new features!
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Anonymous said...

I was looking to buy them and saw that they are currently not for sale. I was just curious when and if the Body Mechanic Rigs will be put back up for purchase again? They look like amazing rigs.

Anonymous said...

I was opening the rigs in Maya 2013 and they seemed to work fine but Maya did throw up some error messages. I was wondering if there is anything that you expect to break in Maya 2013? Is there a specific feature that you used that Maya 2013 doesn't support?

Unknown said...

About the rigs working in Maya 2013, that's great to hear that they open. I typically find that they won't because of how Autodesk changed skinning code. There can also be conflicts in how the geometry information is stored when going backwards. From previous trials with this sort of thing, I expected the rigs to flat out not open. If they're opening for you, and work well, then that's excellent!

For anyone else reading this, though, I still wouldn't recommend getting the rigs if you use 2013, because I can't confirm that everything will work as expected.

kenedy said...

Hello Joe.. Amazing work you did with the rigs, I want to ask you a question, maybe stupid, but please help me a bit with this...

I'm a newbie at Maya and animation, I'm an student and I already have my 2D character, I'm planing to go 3D and animate it, it's a girl like ellie maybe 4-5 years old. I really loved the way your rigs work because they are planned according to the body of different ages. Thing is that could I transfer your rig into my character in 3D or those rigs are only to practice posing and animation?

Excuse me, I'm a newbie and I wanted to know if that's possible...

Thankyou in advance!

Unknown said...

Hi Kenedy,

For rigging a character you have designed, it's best to build the rig to fit the geometry, instead of trying to fit a model to an existing rig. The placement of joints is important to good deformation, and your character will likely be proportioned at least slightly different.

The Advanced Skeleton auto-rigger is looking better and better these days, and it's free for non-commercial use. I might check that out and see if it meets your needs.

MableTan said...

Hi Joe,

I have played with the rig very quickily and very amazed by the functionality of the controls.
One thing I do notice is that when I turn on the IKasFK, I couldn't find a controller to adjust the elbow. Probably I have missed it out somewhere in the channel box or it has been hidden.
Please let me know if this is the case.
I would love to use this rig for my game showreel.


Unknown said...

Hi Mable,

Great question. There is a difference between putting the arms in IK and IKasFK. The IKasFK control is designed to allow you to do some subtle IK nudges on top of the FK controls. It's not a replacement for switching into IK mode, as IKasFK does not have a pole vector control to place the elbow.

To switch to IK, select the Upper Body control and set the IK/FK setting there.

Ricardo Ayasta said...

Hey Joe!

First, I have to say that the rigs are awesome! Great job there!

I'm having an issue with the feet that I'm not sure what the problem is. Check at the image:

It seems to me that the feet, as they move in the positive Z-axis,the Zero Y-axis starts to move upwards (I kept moving the controller forward and the distance between the Zero and tranlation Y-Axis increases).

Some things to note:
- The rig is referenced into the scene (I haven't modified the originals).
- I have verified that the Master Control is at Zero in all axis (position and rotation) and is not animated.

Let me know if you want the file to check it out.



Unknown said...

Hey Ricardo,
Thanks for letting me know about that, and for the great job describing the issue. Images always help. This is indeed a bug. I have a fix, and I'm doing some testing to make sure it doesn't cause a problem in other areas, and then I'll release an update to fix it. I'll get to it as soon as possible.

For a quick and dirty fix, open the original rig file and run this mel script:

setAttr "LeftLeg_IK.rotateY" 90;
setAttr "RightLeg_IK.rotateY" 90;

You'll all get an email from Gumroad when this has been officially taken care of.

Definitely appreciate the help!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe, I'm looking for a good body mechanics rig to use for a set of animation tutorial videos. Most will be free but a couple of the videos will be premium. It'd be great if you could let me know which licensing option my situation falls under. Thanks! - James

Unknown said...

Hi James!

Great question. As long as you are not giving the rigs away with your video tutorials (or sharing maya files that contain the rigs), you should be fine to use the rigs with a single-user license purchase. If you are looking to distribute the assets or project files with the tutorials, drop me a line so we can discuss volume licensing. You have my email in the documentation that comes with the rigs. It's josephsdaniels (at) gmail (dot) com.


Joshua said...

Hi Joe, those models and rig look great. I love the cleanliness of the look. Just to make sure I understand the licence agreement: if I purchase these rigs and use them on my own personal shorts and mechanics exercises, may I include them in my showreel?

Thanks a bunch,

Unknown said...

Hey Joshua,
Absolutely, you may include them in your showreel. Feel free to kick me a link. I enjoy seeing all the awesome work being done with the pack!

Mai pham said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hey Mai Pham,
Good question. My Body Mechanics rigs have never been free. I am an artist like yourself and have worked hard to provide rigs for the animation community. If you downloaded them without purchasing a license, they were obtained illegally, so you may not use them in that case. If and when you have purchased these rigs, you may use them for educational and non-commercial purposes, as long as you do not share or sell these rigs (or files containing these assets) with anyone else. Think of these rigs as the equivalent to the brushes that Kyle Webster sells to aid artists in their journey.

I want to thank everyone who has purchased these rigs, as they help me find time for my next Gumroad animation adventure for you all to enjoy.

Mai pham said...

Thanks Joe Daniels,

I understand that how hard you have worked, that's why I ask you before I do. Thanks for letting me know.

Unknown said...

Hi Joe I brought your rigs awhile ago and they worked fine with maya 2016 but I keep getting error messages now when I try to reference the model into a scene do you know about this and if so do you know how to fix the issue.

Love the rigs.

Unknown said...

Hi, Sky Line. Great to hear from you. Can you email me with more info about the error messages you're getting? Info about the messages, plus the version of Maya you're currently using would be appreciated. You can contact me at josephsdaniels (at) gmail (dot) com.

Unknown said...

Hello Mr. Daniels,
I'm trying to buy a volume ten pack of your licences for the body mech pack, and it keeps trying to tack on a single user licence as well. Is there any way around this?


Unknown said...

@Josh , Yes, the volume license takes the base price of the single-user and adds to that (at the discounted rate). So if you've chosen the 10-pack option, when you check out, you will see the correct cost.

If you have more questions, please contact me at josephsdaniels (at) gmail (dot) com. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Hey Joe, your body mechanic rigs, it's allowed to be used in contests around the internet? Your license for single use doesn't it speciefied that.

Unknown said...

Hey Gustavo,
Yes, my body mech rigs are definitely fine to use for competitions like this, as long as you're not giving away or sharing the assets. Thanks for checking! :)