Joe Daniels - Reel - Feb 2015 from joe daniels on Vimeo.

Reel Breakdown:

SHOT 1 - Flyhunter Origins Promo.  I choreographed and animated this promo for Steel Wool Games, using their in-game assets to show off the characters and tone of the game.

SHOT 2 - Spy take down.  This was a personal project done with a low poly character rig I built and used for an intro to game animation course I taught at Ex'pression College.  I was responsible for all elements.

SHOT 3 - Sword practice.  For this project I choreographed, processed, and cleaned up the motion capture before adding the facial and hand animation.  I was also the actor who gets stabbed.  Max rig by Peter Starostin and James Hunt.

SHOT 4 - Cartoony Run Cycle.  This was a lunchtime exercise I completed with one of my Body Mechanics rigs that I designed and built using TSM2.

SHOT 5 - Panther Walk Cycle.  Rig by Vikram Verma.

SHOT 6 & 7 -  Jeremiah and the Salmon brothers from The Great Migration.  I did layout and animation for these shots from the trailer for the feature film The Great Migration.  I also built the facial rig for the frog, and polished rig articulation for all four characters.

SHOT 8 - Darla's Disaster.  This was my entry for the October 2011 Eleven Second Club competition.  Bonnie rig by Josh Sobel.  Malcolm rig by Josh Burton.

Directing / Animation Supervision:

Below are a few of the announced projects where I have either directed or lead a team of animators.  Working with and giving notes to teams of animators is a ton of fun.  I love it when you crack a character and figure out what makes them tick.

Starfish Ninja
My Role:  Director / Lead Animator

My Role:  Animation Supervisor

British Whispers
My Role:  Director / Animation Supervisor

Henrietta Bulkowski  (in production)
My Role:  Supervising Animator


Body Mechanics Rigs:
In the fall of 2014 I released a pack of 12 character rigs for students and instructors.  The response has been tremendous, and a dozen or more schools across the globe teach with them.  I also use them in my character animation and motion capture classes at Ex'pression College because they are simple yet appealing, and fast to pose.  Here are some links to a few of the great clips that have been animated with them:

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