Thursday, May 01, 2014

Water Spirit - speed sculpt

Here's a 45 minute speed sculpt, under the topic "Water Spirit".  I've been following a speed sculpting thread for a little bit and was excited to give this topic a whirl.  I'd love to come back to this and touch it up, but for a quickie, I'm happy with it.  Hope you enjoy!

"Water Spirit" - 45 min speed sculpt from joe daniels on Vimeo.

Here was my inspiration reference:

And for the water, I mostly used Bad King's splash insert mesh brush set:


David Suroviec said...

What are you using these days for sculpting? Zbrush? Sculptris? Blender?

Unknown said...

Mostly Zbrush, these days. There are a few things I still use Blender for in terms of sculpting (mainly the skin modifier, and dyno-topo which is adaptive subdivision like sculptris). But zbrush's zremesher is awesome and I've found a few good workflows that make it typically faster for me to work in ZB.

I'd be lying if I didn't say that another part of my gravitation to Zbrush has been that I've found a few choice matcaps that make the models nice to look at and fun to work with. I guess it's like an artist's preference over pencil brand, in that regard.

I still enjoy modeling in Blender, though Maya's modeling toolkit makes it fairly efficient to stay in Maya most of the time. If only autodesk gave us a grab/move brush!