Saturday, August 17, 2013

Floursack animation test

Just a little something to stay loose.

The idea to have the box be light weight and start to tip backward came near the end.  Thank you inspiration fairies! ;)  I rigged this little guy up because I have not seen a great floursack rig out there.  If anyone would find it useful, I may finish it off and put it up on creative crash.



Unknown said...

Would love to have this rig have you already posted it on creativecrash? or its still pending? Great animation too!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing animation!!! would like to have this rig can you give it??

Unknown said...

Alrighty, since you've asked for it...I've submitted the rig to Creative Crash and as soon as it goes live, you should be able to grab a copy of the rig at:

Let me know how it goes!