Thursday, August 29, 2013

Animated Doodles - pt 1

Here are a couple quick warm up animation tests.  Straight ahead, nothing fancy, just playing around.  Gets the animation blood flowing.  I am going to try to do more of these.
Hand Stand:

Magic Trick:

When I plan and thumbnail my animation, I like to see the drawings animated so I can get some idea of timing before blocking in my key poses.  In the past I've used the open source app Pencil as a light weigh alternative to flash or flipbook, but with Maya's new Grease Pencil tool, I will probably do more of this without leaving Maya.

There's something relaxing, though, about sitting on my couch or wherever I am, animating on my iPad.  My favorite app is Animation Creator HD.  Other apps I've tried are too cluttered or sluggish for me.  This one has an interface that gets out of the way so I can just draw.  I sketch with a Jot Touch 4 (totally recommend any of their styli).

Hope you enjoyed watching!

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Charlie said...

This is great!