Thursday, April 07, 2011

iDough app: sculpting on my ipod touch

Every now and then I like to sculpt to just unwind.  My preferred package for digital sculpting at this point is Zbrush, but this past weekend I discovered a great app for sculpting on the go: iDough.  I imagine it would be best to work with on the iPad, but with my little iPod touch and a Pogo stylus, I was able to whip up these sculpts in half an hour or so of doodling.

The bottom left image is how the model looks when imported into Zbrush.  The bottom right is after remeshing the model and smoothing out a few rough spots, ready for retopology and further sculpting.

It allows you to export your models as .obj's so you can keep refining in whatever 3d package you like.  It certainly has its limitations, but it's far better than you might expect for sculpting on a mobile device.

If a developer is reading this, the green UI on a blue background clashes badly, which is why I color-corrected and played with the background here.  How about a dark grey gradient for the background and light grey icons for the inactive tools?  Any chance we'd see matcaps or the ability to place another light in coming versions?

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