Friday, February 25, 2011

Plain-o Animation Rigs

 So after a couple terms of testing these rigs in my first year animation class, they're ready for your enjoyment.  Male, female and boy, these ultra low poly characters are great for focusing on body mechanics with a minimal amount of controls to deal with.

The base of the rigs was generated with John Doublestein's rigging tools (the rigging behind Andy and Morpheus) which means you get the right-click menu for ik/fk snapping and changing how body parts follow other parts in the heirarchy, on the fly.  I don't recommend subdividing the characters, as they weren't designed with that in mind, so they look weird when you do.  Just keep it simple.

The 5.5mb .rar file contains the rigs as .ma's, texture template files for making your own custom textures, and a read me for extra notes.  Please use responsibly.

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Josh Bowman said...

Hey man, stumbled across your blog in search of a good rig and you've created some great, simple rigs to use. Thanks heaps for sharing them!