Monday, August 13, 2007

FJORG! at Siggraph 2007: "Spaced Out"

Three of the Commandos (Dave, Jed, and I) participated in the FJORG! Iron Animator competition at Siggraph this year. The 32-hour event was focused on creating the best piece of character animation possible within the tight deadline. We had loads of fun, met a whole lot of great people at the event, and produced a short film we are pleased with. There's nothing like staying up for nearly 40 hours straight to create a short film.

Anyway, here are some links regarding the competition:
See all 15 films from the competition.
AWN Media Center - watch "Siggraph Netcast #4" to hear my thoughts on abrasive Techno, and check out "FJORG! A Documentary"

And here's our film Spaced Out.

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