Saturday, August 11, 2007

Driving to San Diego

This past weekend Jed Mitchell, a great friend of mine from the east coast, came to visit. We had a blast catching up, reminiscing, and discussing atrocities in animated film making while we drove down to San Diego for the FJORG! competition at this year's Siggraph conference. (The picture above may slightly resemble Jed on the right and Dave on the left, my teammates at the competition.)

My lovely wife gave me a portable watercolor kit on the day of our departure and I managed to scribble and scratch at the paper until I produced these sketches on our way down Route 5.

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Jedidiah Mitchell said...

yay! I'll have to post some of my sketches soon too. you should also post the ink-only vertical landscapes you did before breaking out the water colors. I really liked those.