Friday, August 09, 2013

SculptGL - in browser sculpting?

A friend just tipped me off to this site that lets you sculpt in the browser (thanks, Bill!).  If you've used Sculptris, it's a lot like that. You can import and export .obj files, so you will be able to work with it in another program after the fact.  I love playing with new tech, and the dynamic tessellation, if you can get used to it, is a must have for low-fi sculpting like this, imho, and it can also be turned off.  It also supports wacom tablet pressure sensitivity.
How useful is this if you already have zbrush/mudbox? Silly question.  I refuse to answer.  Check out my test sculpt below:

(edit: I just replaced the first images with my second attempt at a sculpt using SculptGL)

And cleaning it up in ZBrush afterward:

-Navigation can be a little odd, and you'll want to go with the hotkeys for switching tools and positive/negative brush pressure.  To move around you use the right mouse and scroll.  Arrow keys will also move you up/down/left/right.
-If you're using Chrome, hit F11 to go full screen.
-A nice feature is that sculpting all the way through the model creates a hole.


Unknown said...

is this on their website and if it is can u post its link

Unknown said...

Hi Stone,
If you follow the link from my post, it should take you right to where you can begin sculpting on a sphere. Still works for me.