Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Dino UV's

Today in my texture and lighting class, one of my students pointed out that the uv's in the demo I was giving looked like a dinosaur.  So I ran with it and made this:

In case you were wondering, it's a head on the bottom and left and right hands on the top.  But what I'd really love to see is the day that uv's become...extinct?



Kyrstin said...

"But what I'd really love to see is the day that uv's become...extinct?"

I'll drink to that!

David Suroviec said...

Ptex is open to the public, the problem is finding something to play well with it.


Most of that means nothing to me. Maybe you can get something out of it.

Unknown said...

Right, so until the average 3d software supports it (i.e. can render it as well as display in viewport) it's not really useful for the individual and on small projects. I believe Mudbox and 3dCoat support it best for texture painting, which means that old farts like my self who still use Photoshop a lot for texturing will need to begin learning completely different tools. I'm not likely to change my whole workflow until the whole pipeline has been considered. And that will probably happen when maya supports it in renders, and zbrush gets support for it as well.