Sunday, March 21, 2010

Walk Cycle - Relaxed

So a few days ago, just for fun, I sat down and animated a simple walk. Teaching has been keeping me busy enough lately that I haven't had much time for personal projects, specifically animating. My schedule is opening up a little, so I've decided that along with my other projects, I'm going to do some type of quick attitude walk every week or so (fingers crossed) which I'll post up here. For now, here's a basic relaxed walk.


Nancy said...

Dear Joe,

If you go to the AVA Publishing site and click on the animation books you can order a free instructor's copy of ANIMATED PERFORMANCE, which is published in July. I'd love to know what you think of it. I don't deal in cycle walks much, but I do show you you can vary 'attitudes' and this might be useful to you. You will also recognize Brittney's and Ignacio's work in the illustrations. I hope you are doing well and that all is going well at home and at school. best wishes,
Nancy B

Unknown said...

Ah, excellent. I requested a copy and am excited to check it out. And congrats on the book!

Things are going well here. Other projects are keeping me quite busy lately. Hopefully some of which I will be able to post here soon.