Saturday, August 01, 2009

Tales from the Crib: moved!

Yeah, it was starting to eat up my blog. So the good news is that it now has a location all to itself--no other fish in the tank to eat. Yay! And you'll find the new address at the end of this post.

I like tumblr's slick themes, as opposed to most of blogger's, and there's a Random button that will show you a random episode (makes sense for this/is neat). The only thing I haven't quite figured out is if it allows for comments on posts, as I love to hear from my readers. Anyone know about this? So head on over to the new location, add it to your reader of choice, and enjoy!

All previous episodes now live HERE.


Unknown said...

Shortly after posting this, I found out how to add comments to any blog or website with Disqus:

Anonymous said...

Tumblr's fantastic! Welcome to the T-side. :)