Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Sculpt

For last father's day, my wife got me a figurine of a man holding a tiny baby. I looked for something similar for her, but couldn't find a decent mother and baby son that I liked. So for christmas, I sat down with some Super Sculpey, tinfoil, and wire and made this.

To keep it nice and smooth I probably should have spray painted it instead of applying acrylic paint, but oh well. Next time :)

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Joel Diznoyouknownaniels said...

Wow, I'm enamored with this. And I like your baby-related art, it's very light-hearted.

Your name is similar to mine, and I stumbled on your blog while Googling mine to see what it would come up with. Anyways, it was a fortuitous stumble and I thought I'd tell you I'm impressed. Take care!