Saturday, August 02, 2008

You Can't Touch This

Hello all. It's been a while, but some neat things have happened recently, so I thought I'd share. As some of you know, I work for the folks behind, the avatar/virtual world site based in San Francisco. Recently, I animated a MC Hammer dance for a deal with DanceJam, a site with entertaining videos of tons of dances. (and for us animators, some great dance reference. check out this one. note the knitting grandma trying to ignore her bizarre offspring.)

But I was not prepared for the special visit to my workstation on thursday. Around 3:30, in comes the Hammer. We showed him the animation I had done, to which he replied in his smooth, deep voice, "Yeah, I saw that online the other day. Nice, real nice." I was stoked.

Now to let you all down, I must say that he was not wearing parachute pants, and he did not bust into the room with a boombox on his shoulder playing Can't Touch This. He was just a real neat guy who happens to be MC Hammer.

Oh, and before he could leave, I pulled out my sketchbook and had him sign my animation thumbnails. Check out the bottom of the image:

All in all, a pretty good day!


Brittney Lee said...


That is so cool. Also, those thumbnails are really, really great.

Anonymous said...

that is pretty fantastic! :D former residents of fremont, represent!